duniaQwik Benefits

duniaQwik customers get the below listed benefits:

1. Auto enrollment for duniaQwikCash services
2. Up to 1% lower interest rate on your next dunia loan1
3. 10% discount on Cash Advance Fee2
4. Birthday specials-DOUBLE cash back on your spend for the day3
5. Additional cash back and special offers at select merchants on duniaQwikConcierge4
6. Automatic enrollment to duniaQwik offerings5
7. Preferential rates on dunia Corporate Deposits6
If you are not a dunia customer, YOU TOO can benefit from duniaQwik by becoming a dunia customer. Apply NOW!
Terms and conditions

1Approval and eligibility for all financial products and services are at the sole discretion of Dunia Finance LLC (dunia) and depend upon dunia’s credit criteria and policies as applicable, Central Bank regulations and UAE laws. Documentation requirements may be modified at the sole discretion of dunia. All products, services and procedures of dunia are subject to the dunia’s Terms & Conditions, which are available at dunia’s offices or may be viewed at www.dunia.ae/termsandconditions. The schedule of Fees and Charges are available at www.dunia.ae/fees.dunia at its discretion may review, amend, extend, discontinue any of the offers, products and/or services and/or modify the applicable Terms and Conditions with prior notice in the monthly statement. 2The 10% discount on the charges prevailing at the time of withdrawal will be applicable only on the incremental amount of cash withdrawal exceeding AED 20,000 in a month. 3The double cashback offer is available only on one transaction on your birthday, up to a maximum cashback amount of AED 100. You will be eligible to receive the cashback only if you send us the bill and transaction slip within thirty (30) days from the date of your birthday to duniagreetings@dunia.ae, and if your dunia Credit Card is in good standing, non-delinquent and valid at all times, as determined by dunia at its sole discretion. The cashback amount will be credited to your dunia Credit Card account on a best effort basis no later than thirty (30) days from the date we receive the bill and transaction slip. 4Select merchants are the merchants listed on this portal and flagged with the “Special Promotions" icon. 5 You will be auto enrolled for dunia Qwik Offerings. Please note that it is your obligation to ensure that your dunia Credit Card account is in good standing for effecting renewal of the subscription. Should you wish to opt for non-renewal, you must inform dunia thirty (30) days prior to the next billing cycle. 6 You will also be entitled to preferential rates on dunia Corporate Deposits subject to dunia's terms and conditions and fulfillment of all documentation requirements. All interest rates are for reference only and are not guaranteed. The actual interest rate would depend on the terms and conditions of the promotion offers, deposit amount, currency, tenor and interest rate on the value date. All interest rates are subject to change due to market fluctuations and Central Bank regulations without prior notice. The preferential interest rate is subject to quota availability and it will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.